Paper and Packaging Materials

Importance of the testing of Paper & Packaging materials can be gauged from the wide and varied applications of such materials, from food items, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, dangerous goods to any other consumable goods. The mechanical and strength properties of paper indicate the intrinsic chemistry, morphology, structure of the individual fibers, and the network structure of the paper. Knowledge of these properties gives an idea of those chemical changes that leads to the loss of permanence of paper with time. Proper monitoring and manipulation of strength properties of paper can be utilized for evaluating the effectiveness of treatments for ageing.

Spectro Research Lab Ventures (P) Ltd. has proven expertise in the field of quality testing of paper and packaging materials. In accordance of NABL’s requirements, Spectro conducts all its tests as per various national & international standards.

Various types of Paper & Packaging Materials tested

  • Craft Paper
  • Writing Paper
  • All types of Coated Papers
  • Papers Board
  • Containers and vials for food and pharma industries
  • Boxes
  • Corrugated fiber board boxes

Name of Test

Physical Tests

Accelerated Ageing Adhension Strength
Bending test for Boards Brightness
Burst Index Bursting Strength of paper and paper board
Coating thickness Compressibility
Dart Impact Density
Drops Test Edge Crush test
Exposure of high /low Temperature Gloss
Grammage of paper Moisture Content
Moisture content Non-Volatile Matter
Opacity Peel test
Porosity Surface resistivity test
Tear Factor Tear Index
Tear Strength Tensile Strength and Elongation
Thermal Shock Test Vibration test for boxes
Water Absorbance  

Chemical Tests

Alkalinity of paper Alkali resistance
Ash Content Chloride Content
Non –volatile matter pH
Resistance to chemical Salt spray tests
Sulphate content Viscosity
Migration test as per
pharma standards