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Textile Testing Services

Textile or fabric testing is extremely important in determining the quality and performance of products, and also establishing regulatory compliance with the various stringent standards set by various government bodies. Textiles directly get into touch with our bodies, and so testing for such chemical compounds which affect the health (specifically skin) of an individual is crucial, and this becomes even more important for infants and children whose skins are far more sensitive than that of adults.

There are various testing parameters of textiles which have been devised to determine the performance and safety of the products. The importance of testing of textiles is important for the following reasons:

  • Ensuring quality conformance of raw materials.
  • Checking quality, in terms of performance and safety, of final products.
  • Improving manufacturing process in a cost-effective manner.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction.

Spectro Research Lab Ventures (P) Ltd. provides excellent and reliable testing services related to textiles to its customers. It manages to do so by dint of its world-class laboratory facilities and extremely competent lab staff. Some of the test parameters of textiles are as follows:


Fabric Construction Tests
  • Count of yarn from fabric
  • Ends and picks per unit length in woven fabric
  • Courses and Wales per unit length in knitted fabric
  • Fabric width
  • Weight per square unit
  • Linear weight
  • Crimp
  • Type of weave
  • Twist of yarn
  • Cover Factor
Strength & Other Physical Properties
Fiber Composition
Shrinkage Related Test
Colour Fastness Tests
Flammability Of Textiles
Miscellaneous Tests
Yarn Tests
Test For Towels
Zipper / Buttons / Buckles / Snaps / Lace / Velcro / Elastic Tape
Eco-Friendly Tests
Chemical Tests


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