Petroleum Products Testing

The ‘Petroleum Products Testing’ division of Spectro Research Lab Ventures (P) Ltd. conducts testing of almost all types of petroleum and fuel products. Fuels are the backbone of any economy and hence testing of fuel products is important for various sectors like automobile and power, and the reasons are mainly two-fold. One is the economic or commercial reason, as the quality of a fuel can affect its utilization purpose. The analysis characteristics determine the fitness-for-purpose criteria for use in refineries. The properties of crude fuel determine its asking and purchasing price. The other important reason is the regulatory requirements as enforced by the various environmental laws in order to reign in air pollution.

Tests are undertaken in accordance with BIS, ASTM, API and customer’s own Specifications. Some of the Products tested are:

  • Lubricating oils
  • Lubricating greases
  • Engine oils
  • Gear oils
  • Gear oils
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Insulating oils
  • High speed Diesel (HSD)
  • Furnace oils
  • Transformer oils
  • Kerosene

Some of the Test Parameters

  • Ferrography
  • Viscosity
  • Flash point
  • Fire point
  • Cloud point
  • Density
  • Pour point
  • Conardson carbon residue (CCR)
  • Water & sediments
  • Acid number (TAN)
  • Base number (TBN)
  • Neutralization value
  • Sulphur content
  • Distillation range
  • Aniline point
  • Cetane number
  • Copper strip corrosion
  • Additives
  • Wear metals - Ca, Mg, Na, K, Mo, Cu, Cr, Zn, P, Ba, B, Al, Pb, Mn, Ni, Si, V, Sn, Ag, Fe etc.,