Leather Testing

Testing of leather products comprises of chemical and physical or performance tests. Since leather is a non-homogeneous material, its quality is mainly judged on the basis of performance tests. The main objective of chemical testing of leather is the qualitative/quantitative analysis of eco-sensitive chemicals, which include some banned chemical compounds like azo dyes, pentachlorophenol etc. Hence, testing of leather products involves verifying its performance through various physical tests, and also ascertaining that the product is environment friendly, which is done through chemical tests.

Spectro Research Lab Ventures (P) Ltd. realizes the importance of testing of leather products, and all the analyses are carried out as per various accepted national and international standards.

Some of the Tests conducted on Leather

  • Leather identification tests
  • Chemical composition analysis
  • Physical testing for special performance, strength and wear properties
  • Tests for colorfastness
  • Testing for Restricted Substances

Test Parameter

  • Ash Content
  • Bond strength of laminated leather
  • Hide substance
  • Solvent extractable substance
  • Shrinkage temperature
  • Tensile strength & Elongation/li>
  • Water soluble matter
  • Dry cleaning fastness
  • Organic Nitrogen
  • Apparent density
  • pH value
  • Moisture content
  • Thickness
  • Tear strength
  • Volatile Matter
  • Water absorption
  • Fastness Testing
  • Hide Substances